About the company
Chess.com is the #1 chess site in the world! Visit chess.com/register to sign up and start playing free online chess as well as learn chess rules, openings, and strategies.
You can also solve chess puzzles, watch the world’s top chess events, and so much more!

About the project
Our goal was to create a promotional video for Chess.com that works as an introduction to Twitch viewers about what chess.com is and what they can do there. Videos will be used on Twitch during chess.com events, including the Fide Chess World Championship 2021. 
Some of the process..
60 Sec cut:

Motion + Illustration + Direction
Juan Carlos Alcoser
Juan Leon​​​​​​​

Music + SFX
Yosef Munro​​​​​​​

Dallin Atkinson​​ / Erik Allebest
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